Come Fare Il Learning Agreement

The student must download the final version of the complete learning agreement with signatures on ALMARM. Only when the offices have validated the document will you be able to download the certificate at the end of the period and apply for recognition of the activities carried out abroad. For student mobility to traineeships, the apprenticeship agreement must define how the stay abroad is recognised, including for the purposes of the diploma, and whether it is carried out on a voluntary basis (not mandatory for graduation) or by a young graduate. See guidelines below. After being approved by the professor, the student must have the learning agreement signed abroad and upload it to the "student area” of the International Office (N.B. website: you must register to access the student area and download the document. All students are required to complete the learning agreement in uniweb during the following periods: in these cases, you can modify your apprenticeship contract once per semester by following the same authorisation procedure as the apprenticeship agreement. In this third article of "SOS Erasmus” we will talk about the learning agreement, the study program agreed between you, the University of Messina and the host university. I will explain what it is, how it works and how it assembles.

The first table shows the subjects you add or remove at the host university, in the second table the subjects you add or remove at the University of Messina (consequence of the transition to the host university). If optional CFUs are successfully supported during Erasmus exchanges, they are verbalised directly as the CFU of their choice in the field of the scientific discipline; If the optional CFUs are not successfully supported under Erasmus, the student will only have the opportunity to take the optional exams at the time of return if they have been previously included in the curriculum (which is why it is important to complete the curriculum on time, even if the optional studies have been included in the learning agreement). The departments of the University of Messina have their own deadlines, as well as all foreign universities. You must inform yourself. In any case, the plan is usually presented between May and June. There is more rigidity on the issue of claims. You may be able to support an 8 CFU material instead of a 9 CFU material (for example.B.). The difference doesn`t have to be much; in this case, the coordinator`s margin of appreciation is greater. However, it is possible to support several subjects to be validated as a single material (for example.B. the aid to two subjects of 6 PDUs abroad to replace a 12 times in Messina). In the After the mobility section, we can mention the subjects represented at the host university and the grade received (first table) as well as the subjects to be replaced at the University of Messina (second table). As for the grades recorded at the University of Messina, relax the gaps.

You don`t have to deal with voice conversion. Within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, the University of Perugia has concluded agreements with more than 380 European sites, with a total of more than 800 scholarships to finance student mobility for study purposes. It is not always possible to find precise matches with regard to the number of credits: in general, the difference between the total foreign loans (ECTS) and the total amount of Italian credits (CFU) should not exceed 3 debt securities for the student. . . .

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