Chef Agreement Sample

When cooks arrive at an inappropriate workplace, they document the area with a photo or photos and a cleaning fee of US$50 is added to the bill for that service date. If the kitchen does not meet basic sanitary standards (i.e. no running water, no electricity, etc.), the cook prepares and stores what he can, the daily price will be charged and the food will be refunded. Your ECC cook will arrive immediately at your home at the agreed time on the agreed dates. Cooks need full access to the kitchen for about 2-5 hours. Please make your home accessible to your cook for the scheduled kitchen appointment. If your cook does not have access to your home for any reason (locks changed, delicate pets, etc.), you will be charged a short-term cancellation and you will refund the cost of your food. Guests, children, pets and other distractions must be at all scheduled kitchen appointments outside the kitchen. We respectfully ask the client to allow the cook to provide his professional services without interruption.

A chef from Enjoy Culinary Company, LLC (ECC) works with you, the customer, on a personalized menu proposal based on your customer profile information. For quality control purposes, ECC requests that correspondence between the customer and the boss be done by e-mail. Proposals must be confirmed before 8 a.m. on your service date. Otherwise, it will be a short-term cancellation (see cancellation fees below). Menu planning, correspondence, travel expenses and the purchase of ingredients are included in the daily rate indicated by the customer. All agreed menu items may change from the original menu due to ingredient availability, quality or other unpredictable factors. ECC first buys organic ingredients, then locally/sustainably from Whole Foods Market. Please inform your cook if you prefer him to visit another store…

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