Car Rental Agreement Receipt

If there are still a few details in your car rental bill that you don`t understand, please contact our friendly customer service professionals so they can answer any questions you may have. Each number in the "Row sum” column should be added to a sum and enter the "Subtotal” field. The line called "Tax” requires two values. First, note the percentage that the government must multiply by the percentage sign, with the "subtotal” in parentheses. Now, multiply the percentage you indicated with your subsum and document this dollar value in the field opposite. Complete the report by entering the "subtotal” and the amount of tax in the "Total” box. Since this is a receipt, it must be used as documentation of the dollar amount that the client has submitted to the "amount paid”. Now we specify exactly how the tenant or tenant submitted the payment you set. Four control boxes on the left ("Cash”, "Check. Number”, "Credit No” and "Other”) have been delivered for you to activate this documentation The owner or the owner`s representative must sign his name on the "Authorized Signature” and then print it in the "Name of the representative” line. With Dollar`s electronic rental and voucher program, you can: The receipt displayed above is accessible to you via the buttons displayed with the image in the preview.

Select the desired version with your mouse and download it. The vehicle that the owner has rented to the renter should also be detailed for the benefit of both parties. The "Vehicle Information” section will also have two columns. The vehicle identification number used to identify the vehicle shall be indicated on the "VIN” line. If you descend into this column, indicate the "brand”, "year” and "colour” of the vehicle on the empty dots labeled accordingly. Some additional details are needed in the next column of this section. Search here for the "Registration Number” line, then enter the identification number assigned to the vehicle by the local motor vehicle division (or similar entity) when it was registered with that entity. Track this information with the number of miles this vehicle will travel for each gallon of fuel or the number of kilometers per liter. The table in the middle of this receipt contains several columns. We will use these columns to give some additional information that defines the rental transaction that took place between the above parties with the vehicle in question. First check the "VIN” of the vehicle we are discussing in the first column.

If we cross the line, report the exact amount of the dollar paid each day this vehicle was rented on the empty surface in the "Cost / Day” column. The duration of the vehicle rental must be defined as a number of days. Enter this period in the "Number of days” column. In the next column titled "Additional Fees” you will receive an area where the money that needs to be charged to the renter in addition to the agreed rental price can be clearly displayed with the vehicle identified in the first column…

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