Agreement To Perform Work

Formalizing a business relationship requires the use of a contract. In particular, independent contractors should insist on an employment contract, as it can offer legal protection and describes the work that the contractor must perform and at what price. If you are writing an employment contract, be sure to protect both parties and fully explain everyone`s duties. In a contractor agreement, you can include conditions to prevent a freelancer from disclosing information about your business. There are also conditions for the prohibition of debauchery and non-competition in the event of a conflict of interest in the sector or a risk of competition. It should be noted that if the contractor does not comply with these conditions, it would be in breach of contract. Describe the services provided. Please provide an accurate and precise description of what the service provider will do during the term of the agreement. The more detailed your description, the less likely it is that there will be misunderstandings later. If your contract or agreement does not contain a precise indication of how to terminate the DPČ, you can terminate it either by mutual agreement or without justification.

In this case, a notice period of 15 days shall enter into force from the date on which the denunciation was served on the other party. The immediate dismissal of DPČ is only possible in the same cases as the immediate termination of an employment relationship. You should discuss with your client the tasks they want to perform and you should also make sure that your contract contains provisions that prevent the client from demanding more work outside the contract. One of the most important things you need to define in your employment contract is your role. Clearly indicating your role as an independent contractor can be useful when it comes to submitting your taxes and it can also be beneficial for the client, as it is clear that you are a contractor and not an employee. Next, you need to fully describe the project that the contract will cover. Providing a complete description of the project ensures that all parties understand the work required. Written service contracts are usually more necessary when the contractual terms become more complex or need to be explained more precisely.

If you need a work permit, you must have one even if your work is based on a DPP agreement. Without a work permit, it would be illegal work! If you wish to stay on the territory of the Czech Republic on the basis of an employee card, it is possible to conclude a single contract for the execution of works.. . .

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