Recipient Created Tax Invoice Agreement Form

You can use this form as a template to create RCTIs or as a reference for the information you need to create your own RCTI. The written RCTI agreement between the recipient and the supplier must contain the following: There are certain circumstances in which it is reasonable for you to create an invoice on behalf of one of your suppliers, usually when there are a number of contractors providing services to you. If you have more contractors working regularly for you (for example, imagine Uber drivers), you`ll probably use some kind of reservation system to handle end-customer bookings. You then want to use this information to determine how much you pay your contractors and generate RCTIs for them. You may use Xero`s import billing function to import a number of vendor invoices into Xero. If you`re talking about serious volumes, you should of course check Xero`s developer APIs to create them automatically as part of your booking workflow. When the recipient (you) of goods and services sets the tax bill on behalf of the supplier, this type of tax bill is called the recipient`s tax bill (RCTI). The tax calculation form provided by the beneficiary helps companies registered by GST in the RCTI (Recipient-Created Tax Invoice) agreements. Like standard tax calculations, an RCTI must be a valid tax bill that must be accepted by the ATO when pre-tax credits are claimed on the ASA. You can use an RCTI if all the following conditions are met:

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