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To activate the purchase agreement function, go to the purchase module and then this option automatically adds quantity control positions to the offers. Under, Odoo purchase offers are managed under the purchase module. There are two types of order contracts: tender and framework contract. These are under the types of sales contracts. A tender generates several bid requirements for the same product and the tender with more benefits can be confirmed for the order of sale. A ceiling order focuses on a single borrower, where the purchase is often made in large quantities. This blog explains what happens in both types of sales contracts A sales contract is a kind of legal document that illustrates the different conditions and conditions that are identified with the sale of products. It enters into a legally binding contract between the buyer and the seller. By default, sales contracts to Odoo are not triggered. To use the sales contract function, you must first initiate the selection.

For the "purchase contracts” function to work, follow the following configuration: Purchases > configuration > settings, under the Order section, the end user would find the options for purchase contracts. Select the one you want and click Save. In the typical contract field, the end user would find two options: the tender and the framework contract. In this blog, we will discuss the difference between the tender and the framework contract. A call for Tender is a unique way to ask different merchants for offers in order to get the most fascinating costs. Here we get the opportunity to choose the most advantageous price from the multiple offer sent by different suppliers. On the other hand, a blanket order is an agreement between you (the customer) and your supplier. It is used to arrange a limited cost. A framework order is also like a model created for a certain lender, from which products are regularly purchased.

Therefore, it can be used to purchase products from that particular supplier. Let`s look at how the tender and the order of the ceiling in Odoo work. To use this feature, go to the purchase -> configuration -> settings, check the purchase agreements. From the purchase -> settings you can see the types of purchase contract – Call by Tender and Blanket Order. However, you can also create a new type of sales contract there. The tender allows you to choose the most attractive price, while several suppliers make several offers on the same product. You can make a blank order for a lender to whom you regularly buy the products. Here, multiple delivery times can also be set by the customer with their supplier over a specified period of time. Among the types of purchase contracts, we can see two types and create new types of purchase contracts. The sales contract also allows a single contract to be divided into several orders between several suppliers. Contract selection type If we choose the option, you only select one quote request and it will automatically cancel all other offers while retaining a bid request. On the other hand, if you choose to choose several offer options, it will allow you to choose several orders.

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